1886 Map of the City of Washington Showing the Location of Fatal Cases of Lung Disease

This is a thematic map that was published in the Annual Report of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia to show the location of fatal cases of lung diseases for the year ending June 30, 1886.

Beginning in the early 1870's, population growth exploded and the city lacked the basic infrastructure to support it.  In 1874, Congress created a three-person Board of Commissioners to become the permanent government for the District.  Over the next several decades, much was done by the Commission to improve living conditions and infrastructure including new sewer lines, paved roads and street cars.

This printed color map is drawn in great detail, showing the street pattern of Washington and the location of fatal cases of lung diseases. 

Unframed Map Size: 17"x 22.6"

Framed Size: 22" H x 26 1/2" W x 1" D

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