Centennial Celebration 13-Star Flag Waver on Original Wooden Stick, Circa 1876

This small charming 13-star flag was made for and sold during the nation’s Centennial celebration in Philadelphia in 1876. All manner of flags were made for the official Centennial International Exposition, which was a World’s Fair event of massive scale. 13-star flags were not only made for the fair, of course, but were also produced for general celebrations of this important anniversary nationwide. This particular 13-star flag was hand-printed and mounted on a stick, to be used as a child’s hand-held waver for one of the many parades that occurred during the celebration.

In 1876, flag makers looked to the past for designs to produce as part of the country’s celebration. The thirteen stars represent the original thirteen original colonies. The stars are printed in a medallion arrangement, a pattern that became popular with Americans who apparently wanted some variation from “row” patterns that prevailed on the 45, 46, and 48 star flags.

A wonderful celebration of our nations early history, this flag is an authentic antique, dating circa 1876.


This flag is in excellent condition, with original stick intact. The colors are still vibrant and there is little evidence of wear or damage to the flag fibers. The flag is archivally presented, mounted in a custom-built wooden frame with a gold spandrel. The frame measures 9" H by 7.5" W.

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