Abraham Lincoln Original Oil Painting on Canvas, Circa 1870

President Abraham Lincoln. Original Oil-on-Canvas Portrait. American School, Artist Unknown, Circa 1870.

This beautiful circa 1870s original oil painting depicts a portrait of then President Abraham Lincoln.  This portrait painting shows President Lincoln in 3/4-seated pose, with his full beard indicating a Civil War period of his life – near the end of his first term/or the beginning of his second term as President of the United States.  He is painted as if to be looking straight at the viewer and the quality of this original period piece of art is impressive having excellent overall eye appeal.

The painting has been professionally relined and stretched over board for preservation and is beautifully framed using the finest archival materials and procedures. This original oil painting of President Abraham Lincoln would be an outstanding piece in any Americana, Presidential, Civil War or Lincoln related collection.

Actual painting measures 25” x 30”, and is initialed by the artist (unknown) and dated 1870.

Framed dimensions: 35 1/2" H x 30 1/2" W x 3" D

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