1857 Karte von America Published by Franz Fried

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This 19th century map depicts North and South America. The map was published in 1857 by Franz Fried, in Vienna. An original lithograph with period hand-coloring, this map offers a unique view of the Americas for a European audience.

Important cities are labeled and listed, and the countries are outlined in varying colors. The coastlines are exquisitely detailed; interiors are filled with important rivers and topographical information.

This was page 5 in the “Atlas Von Franz Fried”. The map is presented using the finest archival framing and procedures.

The map is presented using the finest archival framing and procedures, in a custom beaded wood frame. 

Unframed Size: 20.5"x 15.4" Framed dimensions: 28"H x 22 1/4" W x 1 1/4" D.

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