1857 Karte von America Published by Franz Fried

This 19th century map depicts North and South America. The map was published in 1857 by Franz Fried, in Vienna. An original lithograph with period hand-coloring, this map offers a unique view of the Americas for a European audience.

Important cities are labeled and listed, and the countries are outlined in varying colors. The coastlines are exquisitely detailed; interiors are filled with important rivers and topographical information.

This was page 5 in the “Atlas Von Franz Fried”. The map is presented using the finest archival framing and procedures.

The map is presented using the finest archival framing and procedures, in a custom beaded wood frame. 

Unframed Size: 20.5"x 15.4" Framed dimensions: 28"H x 22 1/4" W x 1 1/4" D.

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