1844 Map of the World on Mercator's Projection Published by T. & E.H. Ensign

This 1844 large format world map is surrounded by several decorative elements including 91 flags of countries around the world, vignettes of the four continents depicting natives and wildlife, and an elaborate seashell border.

Cartographically, the Republic of Texas is shown in North America with the Rio Grande forming its western border and the Arkansas and Red Rivers defining the northern and eastern boundaries.  In the northwest, Oregon Territory extends well into present-day British Columbia reflecting the United States’ claim to the area. Alaska is named Russian America.  The seas are filled with the tracks of many explorers including Columbus, Cabot, Cook, La Perouse and Vancouver. There are also tracks showing the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions including those of Ross and Parry.

Engraved by John Atwood and published by T & E.H. Ensign, 1844.

Map Size: 29.5"x 42.3"

Framed Size: 47 1/2" H x 60 1/2" W x 4" D


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