1843 London Metropolis Hand-Colored Pocket Map

 "The Registration Districts of the Metropolis" by John Arrowsmith

This handsome map of London was published by John Arrowsmith in 1843. Issued as a folding map, for easy transport and use, the map is a wonderful snapshot of bustling London metropolis in the 1840s.

The map is divided into 33 districts and shows very fine detail of streets, parks, and public buildings. Special attention is given to the arrangement of docks, bridges, and canals in London, with the River Thames flowing through the city’s (and map’s) center. A note at top indicates there was a proposal to add Wandsworth district in 1844, showing the ever-evolving nature of the city.

John Arrowsmith was the nephew to Aaron Arrowsmith, the prominent cartographer and map publisher. John joined his uncle’s mapmaking business in 1810, eventually taking the business over in 1839. In 1934, John published the London Atlas, which went on the record as the best set of London maps in contemporary existence. Known for careful execution and neat detail, John Arrowsmith’s maps covered all areas of the globe. He published maps of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe, and many of his maps of Australia and India are incredibly valuable for their cartographic novelty. In 1863, Arrowsmith received the gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society for his cartographic publications and achievements.

The map is in very good condition, with only minor offsetting. The map is artfully framed, to the highest conservation standards, in a brown linen top mat, beaded spandrel, and black and silver custom wooden frame.

Map Size: 30.25" H x 35.75" W


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