1842 Teesdale's Map of the World in Publisher's Portfolio

This is A New Chart of the World on Mercator's Projection by cartographer Henry Teesdale and engraver John Dower.
This enormously large folding map was published in London in 1842 by H. Teesdale. The map is beautifully presented in two sections, each of which have been dissected into sixteen panels and backed on linen for easy folding and unfolding. 
The epic size of this map allows Teesdale to fill the map with numerous detailed annotations, highlighting natural wonders, historical events, and political treaties. The new boundary between the British Possessions in North America and the United States, which was only decided as recently as April of 1842 with the signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, is recorded. The map also shows the tracks of major explorers, from Tasman to Briscoe.
Texas is featured on this map as an independent Republic. The British recognition of the Republic of Texas in November of 1840 is recorded, although James Hamilton was only able to agree three treaties with the British at this stage of negotiations.
This hand-colored folding wall map measures in full 51"x76.5". It is divided into two sections of 50.75"x 38.25" and dissected and mounted to linen. The map is presented in the original publisher's Moroccan leather portfolio with elaborate gilt stamped borders and gilt titles to upper cover.
Map is in good condition, with minor paper toning. Original hand coloring still vibrant. No significant tears or splitting. 
Map is presented in a new custom leather and cloth clamshell case with decorative spine and boards.

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