1824 A Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island by E. Ruggles

This rare and detailed 1824 wall map by Edward Ruggles depicts eastern New York to Cape Cod, southern Vermont, and New Hampshire to Long Island. Delineated in hand color by county, the map identifies towns, roads, and bridges, as well as a few more unusual categories including waterfalls, lighthouses, and "Humane Society houses."

The map also identifies the location of General Burgoyne’s surrender in Saratoga County as well as the newly established military academy at West Point. The title cartouche is surrounded by the Great Seal of the United States at top and the seals of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island at bottom.   

Edward Ruggles was a relatively obscure cartographer, having published only a few maps of the New England region, and was one of only a handful of cartographers operating out of Vermont in the early 19th century. The map was engraved by M.M. Peabody and published by E. Hutchinson in Hartford, VT.   The map is attached to its original wooden rollers.

Framed Dimensions: 47" H x 52" W x 2 1/2" D

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