1776 George Washington Revolutionary Roots Collection

The 1776 Collection is a luxurious presentation of physical links to famed forefathers and critical events that shaped this great nation's history. This edition features historic wood hewn from "The Georgia Tree" one of the 13 horse chestnut trees planted by George Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia in representation of the 13 original colonies.

These pens will vary greatly in appearance as far as getting patches of greys and blues in the natural grain. This coloration is from simply being so old--the trees will often get algae growths or discolorations from different diseases or mineral deposits from water.

Purveyors of the world's most unique writing instruments with a goal of bringing the luxury pen back to America. From start to finish each pen is hand made in the USA.

Dimensions - 5 1/4" capped, 6 1/2" posted

Weight - 1.8 oz

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