Fort Sumter Confederate 11-Star Flag Hand-Painted and Sewn, circa 1900

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This is a vintage, early 20th century, commemorative Fort Sumter Confederate 11-star flag (single circular medallion pattern double appliqué. The flag features hand-painted Ft, Sumter motif as well as hand-sewn stars. The eyelets are, hand-sewn eyelets and the flags stripes are machine sewn.

This is a wonderful flag -- commemorating America's engagement of the Civil War, which occurred on 12 April 1861. The first battle of Fort Sumter opened on 12 April, when the Confederate Artillery fired on the Union garrison. These were the first shots of the Civil War and continued all day, watched by many civilians in a celebratory spirit. The Fort had been cut off from supply lines and surrendered the next day.

This flag was most likely created in conjunction with a Civil War reunion in the late 19th century or early 20th century.

The actual flag measures: 33" x 68"

Framed dimensions:

39" 75" 2" D
99 cm 191 cm 5 cm D

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