Vortic Watch Company: The Boston 241, 46 mm.

Vortic Watch Company's mission is to salvage, restore, and preserve an important part of United States history. Today, beautiful antique pocket watch mechanisms are often cast aside when their original case is scrapped for precious metal value. American pocket watches were made with an incredible level of quality. So, after 100 years, many simply need a little patience from a skilled individual to make them run like new. Vortic fully restores these mechanisms and builds them into wristwatches to make them functional again and to preserve them for another 100+ years.

Watch - "The Boston” 241 is the 241st one-of-a-kind piece in Vortic's "Boston" line of the American Artisan Series.  This watch features a water-resistant, CNC machined titanium case and a round copper crown.  The mechanics of the restored movement are visible through the Gorilla Glass crystal of the exhibition style, stainless steel back.

Case - They start with a solid block of high grade titanium and mill out the case, feature by feature on their HAAS CNC machines in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you look closely, you can see their signature mill marks from the tools of the machine telling you "we built this in America."

The raw case finish is the natural color of raw titanium.

Movement Info - This "Riverside" grade movement was originally produced by the Waltham Watch Company in 1902. This manually wound movement is beautifully decorated, and has a fully jeweled gear train (19 jewels).

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