WWI-Era U.S. Army Pilot's Foot Locker

Presented is an original pine trunk painted in olive drab. This vintage box was originally used as a foot locker during WWI by an Army pilot. The box is painted with "U.S. Air Service", "HEW" and pilot's wings in red, white and blue. The box features the inscription "H.E. Woit. Milwaukee, Wisc." in red painted lettering. There are rope handles, iron hinges, and a miniature carved wooden propeller marked "Herbert Woit aviation service,” relating to the name and occupation of the previous owner. The previous owner, Woit, has included assorted ephemera affixed to the interior of lid.

All decorations and ephemera included in the box were the property of the previous owner, Woit from Milwaukee. He has included newspaper clippings, a small flag waver, photos, and even a hand-drawn propeller on the inside of the trunk. Woit left behind gorgeous keepsakes that are all in very good condition for their age. The signatures that are written on the box are written in red marker in the owner’s hand.


Significant surface wear due to age. Chipping paint and some abrasions to wood.

Dimensions: 13" H x 30.75" W x 16.25" D.

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