Vintage "Marquis De Lafayette" Hermès Silk Scarf by Kermit Oliver, 2007

Shown here is a vintage Hermes silk scarf from 2007. The scarf was designed by American artist Kermit Oliver and depicts the "Marquis De Lafayette." The scarf was produced in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of Lafayette's birth. The top of the scarf features the years 1757, his birth year, 1834, his death year, and 2007, the year of the 250th anniversary of his birth. "Marquis de Lafayette" is written at the top on a banner.

The scarf features elegant coloring; bright blue background color accentuates the golds, reds, and whites within the interior image. While this image and styling was produced in a variety of colors, this is the most sough-after and accurate color rendition. Jean-Louis Dumas, president of Hermes, approved the Lafayette project as a symbol of the friendship between the United States and France. The scarf features elaborate decorations, including various medallions and inset images along the boarder, a map of the United States featuring Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of the U.S., and a depiction of George Washington on horseback.

The scarf features a center image based on the original oil painting by Jean-Baptiste Le Paon, “Lafayette at Yorktown.” The painting features Lafayette at the battle of Yorktown next to his horse and James Armistead Lafayette, an enslaved African American man who served the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War under Lafayette.

Kermit Oliver (born 1943) is an American painter who studied and worked in Texas, USA. Oliver often combines classical elements into his artwork, shown here in this Lafayette depiction. Oliver primarily worked in painting, but is also celebrated for his work as a designer for Hermes. The relationship began in 1980, when owner Lawrence Marcus of Neiman Marcus introduced Oliver to the Hermes company. Oliver produced 17 custom designs for Hermes over 32 years, and is the only American artist to ever design for Hermes.


Fine condition. No visible surface wear or damage to silk. Colors are very vibrant. Signature mark from Hermes at bottom right corner; Hermes- Paris.

Framed dimensions: 42" W x 42" W x 2.5" D.

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