Early 20th Century Decorative Stars and Stripes Hat

This decorative Stars and Stripes hat is produced from a cut-up cotton flag, mounted onto a hat form with solid underside. The hat dates to the early 20th century, produced sometime between WWI and WWII, when American patriotism swelled.

The top hat's patriotic design is reminiscent of the hat worn by Uncle Sam. Early depictions of Uncle Sam varied, however the most lasting and iconic representation derives from a 1917 WWI "I want YOU" recruiting poster by James Montgomery Flagg. 

Flagg (1877-1960) was a prodigious illustrator, working as a contributing artist to "Life" magazine at the surprisingly young age of 14. He is most famous, however, for creating the first image of the fictional Uncle Sam.  It is storied that Flagg used his own image as the model for Uncle Sam, imagining himself as a much older man and with facial hair. Uncle Sam is depicted with a white top hat encircled with blue stared ribbon.


Hat is in good condition. Cotton has signs of fading, but fraying is minimal. Original bow is still intact and affixed to hat. Solid underside. Hat Dimensions: 5 1/2" H x 12 1/2" W x 13 1/2" D.

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