Indian Chief Motorcycle, Exceptional Full Restoration, Circa 1946

This is an extremely rare, fully restored 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle.

This complete restoration was done with an immense amount of skill and passion -- with the hope and expectation that you'll actually ride and enjoy this classic motorcycle. Not only has the bike been meticulously restored with unrivaled attention to detail, but its been mechanically enhanced to insure years of future riding enjoyment.

This restoration was done with a sense of great responsibility, the team prides itself on achieving the highest standard of accuracy, originality, and reliability. An Indian in need of attention, repair or restoration couldn’t find itself in a better restoration team in the world.

There are many criteria that define a quality restoration. Those include starting on the first kick, running quiet and smooth, dialed carburation, effortless shifting, great breaking, solid electrics, impressive power and when you take your hands off the bars she goes straight down the road.

That is the case with gorgeous 1946 Indian Chief. If you decide to invest in this one-of-a-kind beauty -- you'll spend the day with the head of the restoration team. Learning the operational nuances of owning such a timeless piece of American iron. Additionally, we'll stand behind the operational integrity of this bike for the long haul.

The original Indian motorcycle company was founded in 1901 in Springfield Massachusetts USA, by bicycle racer George Hendee and Swedish immigrant Oscar Hedstrom. The earliest Indian models looked like mopeds (bicycles with small single cylinder engines) and only 3 were made in 1901. Indian made 143 motorcycles in 1902. Interestingly, Triumph began production in 1902 and Harley-Davidson the year after (1903). So the order was Indian, Triumph, Harley. This "Big Three" are still around a century later, while many other brands which started later died off years ago.

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