1932 Hand-Painted Oar from Fairbairn Cup Pembroke College

This is an original hand-painted oar to celebrate the win of Pembroke College, Cambridge University in the 1932 Fairbairn Cup.

The Fairbairn Cup was founded in 1929, after WWI. This rowing competition is a timed race, managed by the Jesus College B.C.. It is only race which departs from the normal Cambridge tradition of rowing upstream. It is also the one which is rowed over the longest course, from Victoria Bridge to the Little Bridge at Baitsbite.

The oar is hand-painted with the winning time ( 15 minutes, 55 seconds), the names of all the winning 8 rowers and 1 coxswain, the Pembroke College crest, and the Cambridge University crest. 


Hand-painting is original and in good condition. Some cracking along oar's surface, as expected with age and past use.

Dimensions (lying horizontally): 7" H x 33" W x 2" D.

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