Dog & Hunter Silver-Plated Sculpture, 19th Century

This is a handsome silver-plated 19th century sculpture of a dog and hunter. A capped hunter holds a hunting rifle as he stalks through grass, with his loyal hunt dog at his side. The dog's nose is raised to the air, to sniff out his prey. 

Due to the popularity of the traditional fox and hound hunt, fox and dog motifs were popular throughout much of Europe, starting in the 17th century and continuing through the early 20th century. Tapestries, paintings and early engravings, and decorative panels glorified the foxhunt in all it’s stages- the chase, kill, and post-hunt celebratory revelry, with the crafty fox depicted as a worthy opponent and the hound or retriever cast as the ever loyal hunt-companion. The fox and hound motifs could be seen on hunting flasks and riding gear, but also on less hunt-related objects, like crystal vases, furniture, and silver table settings. 

Dimensions: 10"H x 11"W x 6" D.

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