"The Declaration of Independence and Portraits of the Presidents" Engraving by Illman & Sons, Late 1850s

Presented is an impressive engraving entitled “The Declaration of Independence and Portraits of the Presidents.” The engraving was published by Illman & Sons of Philadelphia, in the late 1850s.

The print features the text of the Declaration of Independence with facsimile signatures of the signers at center. A miniature rendition of Trumbull's "Signing of the Declaration of Independence" oil-on-canvas masterpiece is engraved at top. Surrounding the text are images of the first fifteen presidents, from George Washington through James Buchanan. Impressive engraved filigree and ornamentation complete the design.

The Illman Brothers were a Philadelphia firm of engravers and printers. The firm included Edward, George, Henry, and William Illman. Charles T. Illman, born in 1842, joined his brothers in the firm after 1860. The firm engraved and published everything from fine paintings and portraits to genre scenes and french fashion prints for the famous Peterson's Magazine. The firm was active from the mid 19th century until 1907.


Good condition overall. Impression is strong and paper is healthy, with only light toning to the paper. Faint stain at upper right center. Publication line is visible at bottom center margin. Print dimensions: 19. 3/4" H x 15 1/2"W.

This engraving has been archivally framed to the highest conservation standards. The print is presented with acid-free black bottom and top mats, gold and black spandrels, UV Conservation Clear glass, and a custom wooden burl frame. Framed dimensions: 43 1/2" H x 27 1/2" W" 2"D

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