Wild Duck Hand-Colored Lithograph by PJ Selby

John Prideaux Selby (1788-1867) was a British gentleman landowner and artist who, as a boy, studied the habits of birds and collected them as specimens. Eventually using them as portrait subjects, his fascination with birds spearheaded much of his ornithological work as an adult.

His landmark Illustrations in "British Ornithology", originally published in Edinburgh between 1821 and 1833, were the first to depict British birds in actual size. His technique is said to have been partially inspired by Audubon, from whom he received personal art lessons in 1826. Selby is considered one of the great masters of 19th century bird art.

This print is entitled "Wild Duck" and is a wonderful example of the artist's keen eye.

It is beautifully framed using the finest archival materials and procedures. 

Framed size: 24" H x 30" W x 1 3/4" D

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