Declaration of Independence Pictorial Color Lithograph, circa 1900

Presented is a commemorative lithograph of the Declaration of Independence circa 1900. The print features the full text of the Declaration and features all signatures from the signers of the Declaration at bottom. Around the edges are decorative vignettes depicting varying scenes, monuments, and portraits. These small color vignettes are labeled and include the D.C. Capitol building, the surrender of Cornwallis, and the battle of Bunker Hill to name a few.

The Declaration of Independence is the foundational document of the United States and has been printed many times since its original publication in 1776.  First published as broadsides, then as an essential addition to any volume of laws, it is a basic work in the American canon. The Declaration was reproduced by engravers and printing manufacturers as a way to spread knowledge of the document's contents or as a symbol of American patriotism.

This 1900 Declaration of Independence print was produced as a folding pamphlet. On verso are various sections of text commemorative of the birth of the nation. The verso of the lithograph specifically relates to the physicians that were in attendance at the birth of the nation and advertises various medicines to readers. The publication was sponsored by the Palisade Manufacturing Co. out of Yonkers, New York; a medicinal manufacturing company. On the front at bottom right in red ink it reads "Compliments of Hemabolids," as an advertisement for their new iron supplement.


Very good condition, no significant wear. Framed according to conservation standards in a dark frame studded with stars.

Framed dimensions: 17.3" H x 32.5" W x .75" D.

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