"Naval Aviation has a place for You" Vintage WWII Recruitment Poster by McClelland Barclay, 1942

Presented is a WWII recruitment poster published in 1942. Designed by McClelland Barclay, the work boldly states, “Naval Aviation has a Place for You…” and lists different professions it is in search of. Central to the poster is a navy serviceman happily working up close to an airplane possibly about to be launched from the aircraft carrier. In the background are multiple examples of contemporary airplanes that represented the height of aviation technology at the time.

McClelland Barclay was already a successful painter, illustrator, sculptor, and jewelry maker before he became a lieutenant in the Naval Reserve in 1938. Throughout his accomplished career, he not only designed recruitment posters but also illustrated magazine covers such as Cosmopolitan and Saturday Evening Post. On July 18, 1943, only one year after this poster was published, Barclay perished after a Japanese Submarine torpedoed the naval ship he was aboard.

Naval Aviation was an integral part of WWII fighting tactics. U.S. Naval Aviation began in the early 1900s, but did not become a decisive element until the Second World War. Not just for pilots, the division needed personnel to handle complicated storage, launching, and landing processes of aircraft carriers. This poster advertises a need for men to assist with the various aspects of those processes such as radiomen and metal smiths.


Overall good condition. The poster, published in 1942, shows some signs of wear from age and use but has undergone some conservation. The colors are still vibrant and all text is legible. The poster has been archivally framed in a custom built black and gold frame.

Dimensions: 43 ½” H x 37" W x 1 ½” D

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