"Mitchells Hit Hard" Vintage Army Air Forces WWII Poster, 1943

Presented is a vintage WWII U.S. Army poster of a B-25 Mitchell bomber plane. The poster was illustrated by Paul Rabut and published by the Recruiting Publicity Bureau in October of 1943. The poster depicts B-25 bomber planes flying through a yellow sky, with downed ships smoking in the sea below. The poster text reads “Mitchells Hit Hard!”in black block letters across the clouds at top.  The text “The Army Air Forces Hail Their Great Battle Record” appears in black block letters at the bottom. 

For much of WWII, the U.S. medium bomber plane B-25 dominated the skies. The B-25 was the first of this type of bomber to see widespread combat during the WWII. Named for famed airpower pioneer Brigadier General William “Billy” Mitchell, it was a twin-tail, mid-wing land monoplane powered by two 1,700-horsepower Wright Cyclone engines. It was one of the most heavily armed airplanes in WWII and was used for high and low-level bombing, strafing, photoreconnaissance, submarine patrol, and even as a fighter.

Its fame comes largely from the surprise Doolittle Raid on April 18, 1942. Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle led a raid of B-25B bombers to bypass formidable air defenses and drop bombs on Tokyo. A devastating loss for the Japanese, this attack raised morale for the American forces and was celebrated throughout the country, noting the impressive B-25B airplane and the part it played. The Mitchell airplane became one of the most dependable models of the war and played an integral role in the Pacific Theater.


Original color lithograph. The color is still very vibrant. Crease at centerfold and small creases throughout in the outer margins. Light surface toning to outer margins. Signed by the artist in the lithographic stone “Paul Rabut.” The U.S. Army logo is printed in white at the bottom right of the composition. "P-X-5-RPB-10-11-43-7500” and the Recruiting Publicity Bureau United States Army logo is printed in the bottom right margin. Poster Dimensions:  ​​42 1/2" x 31"W.

Poster is framed to the highest archival standards with acid-free mats, UV glass, and a custom-built wooden frame. 

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