"Keep 'Em Flying" Vintage WWII U.S. Army Air Corps Recruitment Poster, 1942

This Army Air Corps recruitment poster, by Ivan Dmitri,  was issued in 1942 in order to entice new enlistees amidst World War II. Bearing the popular slogan, “Keep ‘Em Flying!” in large white block letters near the top, the rest of the poster reads, “Air Crews are Vital for Victory / young men, 18 to 26 inclusive, can be aviation cadets for air crew training as bombardiers, navigators and pilots.” The poster depicts seven men of an air crew discussing plans as B-17 Flying Fortresses pass overhead. Framed according to the highest archival standards, this poster represents the widespread call to action during WWII. 

The importance of airpower in the Second World War was obvious since the Attack on Pearl Harbor. A separate Air Force branch in the United States would not be approved until 1947 leaving the majority of the air battles to the Army Air Corps. By the end of the war, more than 2.3 million air missions had taken place. However, more than just a pilot is needed to form an efficient and effective air service; other occupations such as mechanics, navigators, and strategists were needed. This poster shows a team working together to launch B-17 Flying Fortress missions. These planes were highly recognizable bombers and celebrated as a symbol of power. Young men looking for a way to serve in the war might have been excited to enlist and serve in the new and exciting air service. 


Overall good condition. The 1942 poster has some horizontal and vertical creases from where it was folded. There is some loss to the left of the central figure with some in-painting. The colors are still bright and all text is clear and legible. The poster has been framed according to the highest conservational standards including UV-protective glass to keep the poster from fading. 

Framed Dimensions: 44" H x 26" W x 2"D

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