"Britishers You're Needed Come Across Now" Vintage WWI Poster, Circa 1917

Original WWI British recruitment poster entitled: "Britishers, You're Needed--Come Across Now" by artist Lloyd Myers. This poster was published by the British and Canadian Recruiting Mission, and printed by Albert Frank & Co., N.Y. agents.

The poster shows two men on a globe shaking hands across the Atlantic.  A man in a suit reaches across from the United States to a soldier standing on Great Britain and France, a symbolic representation of the growing combined wartime alliance of these three nations. 

The British-Canadian Recruiting Mission (BCRM) originated in February 1917, when Britain was facing a shortage of military manpower. Britain looked to the large number of British immigrants living in the United States, however no effort to recruit them could be made as America was still a neutral country. When American neutrality ended on April 6, 1917, British officer Brigader-General W. A. White, acting under BCRM, lost no time in soliciting congressmen for permission to enlist recruits from the 700,000 British subjects in the US who were neither American citizens nor declarants. The BCRM set up headquarters in New York, to receive applicants, conduct medical exams, provide subsistence and forward men to the the nearest CEF depot in Canada, or in the case of Britons, Jews, and Australians, to the Imperial Recruit Depot at Windsor, Nova Scotia. Posters like this one helped promote enlistment and military service. The BCRM succeeded in enlisting 47,188 recruits during its 17 months of operation.

The war ushered in the biggest advertising campaign to date, critical to the wartime communication needs of every combatant: from raising money, recruiting soldiers and boosting volunteer efforts, to spurring production and provoking outrage at enemy atrocities. The stark, colorful graphic designs, created by some of the nation’s leading artists, elicited strong emotions. The posters played to the fears, frustrations, and faith in freedoms that lingered in people's minds during the war. The United States alone produced about 2,500 poster designs and approximately 20 million posters, nearly 1 for every 4 citizens, in little more than 2 years.
Overall very good condition for age. The WWI poster is unframed and its colors are still very vibrant. The poster has two small tears at the top and bottom middle as well as a few creases, but no loss otherwise.
Dimensions: 39 1/4" H x 27" W

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