Help Them, Keep Your War Savings Pledge Vintage WWI Poster By Casper Emerson Jr.

This is an original WWI patriotic poster by Casper Emerson Jr. The poster depicts an American gun crew using $5 war savings stamps as ammunition. A color lithograph, the poster is richly printed with yellow, orange, and grey writing, a red sky, and blue and green soldiers. 

The poster was issued by the United States Treasury to promote the Victory Liberty Loan. In order to pay for the war effort the United States Government issued a set of five liberty loans. The fifth and final loan was known as the Victory Liberty Loan. Working Americans would buy these bonds or war stamps, to then trade in for smaller denominations of bonds, which at the end of the war would be repaid with interest.


This poster is in very good condition. Color is still vibrant. Poster is signed in the stone at lower left.

Poster has been archivally presented in a custom-built black and silver frame. Framed Size: 32" H x 22" W x 2" D

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