Red Cross WWI Patriotic Poster with Woodrow Wilson Quote, 1918

This WWI patriotic recruitment poster encourages viewers, specifically young women, to join the Red Cross and contribute to the American cause in the war efforts. The poster includes a quote from President Woodrow Wilson that reads, "I summon you to Comradeship in the Red Cross."

The poster features a bright Red Cross emblem and a faint figuration of the US Capitol Building in the background. The focus of the poster, however, is the depiction of Columbia, shown in the foreground. Draped in the American flag, Columbia stands as the personification of liberty, justice, virtue, and patriotism. Women who served in the war as Red Cross nurses were stationed throughout Belgium, Italy, and England, and many were decorated for their brave and compassionate service.

This poster is framed exquisitely framed to conservation standards. 

Framed size: 43 7/8" H x 33 5/8" W x 1 3/4" D. 

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