General George Washington’s Headquarters Original Oil on Canvas by Sidney E. King, Circa 1968

This original oil painting, by Sidney E. King, depicts General George Washington’s 1781 at headquarters Yorktown, Virginia.  

Sidney E. King (1906-2004), an American artist, was a renowned muralist, revered for his extremely detailed paintings of historical scenes.  Hired by the National Park Service to first paint signs, he later gained notoriety in his depiction of American history. He is responsible for the painting of nearly 200 historic murals -- many on display at U.S. National Parks throughout the Nation.  King once said, “It’s a colorful country of ours. I’ve made it my business to make sure Mr. and Mrs. America get a glimpse of things as they happened.”

In this painting, as many of King’s works, the realism lends an authenticity and accessibility to an otherwise distant and abstract moment of American history. The background of this painting is comprised of the tents, which General Washington employed as part of his Army’s Headquarters. In the foreground you can see Washington and his generals, planning during the siege of Yorktown. The camp was located behind the American and French lines.  

This painting is in excellent condition and would make a wonderful addition to any Americana collection- a beautiful one-of-a-kind original painting.  

Framed Size: 32 1/4" H x 50 1/2" W x 2 1/2" D

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