"Liberty Lives On" Vintage Poster by Howard Chandler Christy, 1942

This original poster was designed by famous artist Howard Chandler Christy in 1942. The work is entitled "Liberty Lives On" and was issued for the 450th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's landing in North America in 1492. The design features an exceedingly detailed depiction of Christopher Columbus on a ship at left surrounded by his crewmen. He looks off into the distance at a figure resembling Lady Liberty of the Statue of Liberty, which appears to him out of the sky. The design translates as painterly, as Chandler's original painted design is depicted in bright colors with visible brush strokes. Chandler's signature is shown at the bottom left of the composition with the date, printed from the lithograph stone in white.

The celebratory poster was issued in 1942 and served as a morale boosting image. At a time when Europe and Asia had fallen to the Axis powers in World War II, this design highlighting liberty and the American spirit. The poster served as a welcomed reminder of the nation's goal to preserve individual freedoms.

Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952) became one of America's most distinguished and easily recognized illustrators, frequently designing for United States propaganda posters. He first established himself as a prominent illustrator during the Spanish American War, when is illustrations graced articles for famous publications. Later, he became well known for his pictures of exceptionally beautiful women, popularly known as "Christy Girls" for their distinctive style. His expert skill with the human form is showcased here, with the depictions of various figures. Columbus at left is rendered in elegant detail, while the depiction of Liberty appears out of the clouds in his recognizable style.


Overall very good condition, retaining bright original color. Very little apparent wear. Framed according to the highest conservation standards in a custom black and gold archival frame.

Framed dimensions: 43 1/2" H x 30 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D.

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