"Let's Hit 'Em with Everything We've Got" Vintage WWII Navy Recruitment Poster by Mcclelland Barclay, Circa 1942

This is an original WWII Navy recruitment poster from 1942. The poster was designed by McClelland Barclay (1891-1943) and was published by Lutz and Sheinkman out of New York. The poster features the slogan "Let's hit 'em with everything we've got! Don't wait-- choose the Navy." Sailors are shown in helmets and blue shirts, operating large artillery weapons. A large explosion is seen in the background, showing the soldiers in the heat of an attack.

McClelland Barclay was a Lieutenant Commander, United States Naval Reserve, during World War II. He also contributed many posters, illustrations, and officer portraits for the Navy during WWII. Before the war, Barclay was most noted for his ability to paint striking depictions of women, best exemplified by the series he produced for General Motors. His art was included on magazine covers, including  The Saturday Evening Post and the Pictorial Review. Posthumously, in 1944, Barclay was awarded the Art Directors Club Medal, "in recognition of his long and distinguished record in editorial illustration and advertising art and in honor of his devotion and meritorious service to his country as a commissioned officer of the United States Navy."


This poster is in very good condition considering its age and prior use. Very minimal wear is visible, as the poster does not show significant fold lines or tears. The publisher's name is listed in the bottom left corner. The piece has been framed according to conservation standards in a dark black frame.

Framed dimensions: 45” H x 31” W x 1” D.

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