"Kennedy for President" Original Presidential Campaign Poster, 1960

This is an original 1960 "Kennedy for President" presidential campaign poster. There is perhaps no more recognizable a political campaign image than this one for John F. Kennedy, who was elected as our 35th President. This poster was an integral part of his campaign in 1960.

The poster featured a black and white photographic portrait of Kennedy, set against a red, white, and blue background. At top and bottom, the campaign's slogan, "KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT/ LEADERSHIP FOR THE 60's," is printed in block letters. The poster was published by Citizens for Kennedy and Johnson, 261 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington DC.

Kennedy's campaign began on January 2, 1960. His main opponents included Hubert Humphrey, Adlai Stevenson, and Lyndon B. Johnson, who would later become his Vice President.

The poster is paired with an original ticket for the Acceptance Speech Rally of the 1960 Democratic Convention. The Convention was held at the L. A. Coliseum in Los Angeles, California, from July 11 to July 15, 1960.

In the late afternoon of July 15, Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts accepted the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States. Standing before an audience of 52,000 people—with an additional 35 million tuned in via television—Kennedy delivered his acceptance speech, which later became known as "The New Frontier."

In his remarks, Senator Kennedy famously stated, "We stand today on the edge of a New Frontier--the frontier of the 1960's--a frontier of unknown opportunities and perils-- a frontier of unfulfilled hopes and threats ... [T]he New Frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises-- it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American people, but what I intend to ask of them.”

The ticket is marked in red ink "Section H. Row X. Seat 5." on both the ticket and the ticket’s stub. The ticket is illustrated with the dome of the U.S. Capitol, depicted from the East, a decorative flower and scroll border, and thirteen five-pointed stars.

The ticket was printed by Dillingham Ticket Co., LA, and has "Protected DT" encircled seals printed in light blue on the front side of the ticket and an intricate barcode on the back.


The poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. Color is vibrant and there are no significant folds or tears present. Poster measures 20 3/4" H x 13 1/2" W.

Ticket is in very good condition. Printing is strong and ticket stub is still attached.

Poster and ticket stub have been artfully and archivally mounted in a custom-built black and gold beaded frame. Framed Dimensions: 30" H x 20 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D.

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