"Justice Doit Etre Faite, Elle Sera Implacable" Vintage WWII Poster with Winston Churchill

Presented is an original French propaganda poster from WWII. An illustrated portrait of Winston Churchill is set against the background of the British flag. Below, in white text, is the French phrase, “Justice doit être faite, elle sera implacable.” Translated to English, this reads “Justice must be done, it will be relentless.” Tona was the artist for this poster series. The poster was  published by La Typo-Litho and Jules Carbonel in Algiers and printed by Ch. Hervé, circa 1942. 

During WWII, both Allied and Axis propaganda appealed to the local populations throughout North Africa. Both sides offered civil rights and freedom, in hopes of gaining the support of local troops. In late fall of 1942, Roosevelt and Churchill had agreed to a combined attack on French northwest Africa, known as Operation Torch. The landings took place in northwest Africa in Morocco and Algeria, beyond the range of most Axis air forces in the central Mediterranean. The proposed landing beaches in Morocco and Algeria were held by Vichy French forces. These troops were loyal to Germany mostly due to a tenuous agreement whereby the Nazis agreed to keep part of France free from German occupation provided the Vichy resisted an Allied invasion. 

The Allied leadership hoped that when the Vichy French saw the Allied armadas approaching the landing beaches, they would immediately join forces with the invaders to liberate North Africa. Yet, the native North African population’s willingness to aid the Allied cause was questionable due to years of imperial rule. In an attempt to sway both the Vichy French and the North African natives to the Allied cause, thousands of leaflets and posters were distributed in North Africa prior to the landings in Operation Torch in November 1942. The posters and leaflets urged the importance of fighting Axis forces to attain freedom and world peace.  The Allied command hoped that the propaganda would convince both the French and the native population to willingly aid the liberators, or to a lesser degree, allow the American and British troops to move through Morocco and Algeria quickly so that they could fight Rommel’s Afrika Korps advancing westward from Egypt. 


Original color lithograph. Very good condition. Paper is healthy with full margins. Publisher’s line in bottom margin intact. Visible horizontal and vertical folds present. 

Poster is archivally presented in a custom-built wood burl frame. Framed dimensions: 39 1/2" H x 27 1/2" W x 1 ½”D.

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