"For Victory Buy More Bonds" Vintage Fourth Liberty Loan Poster, 1918

This is a fourth Liberty Loan poster from 1918. The poster was designed by John Scott Williams and published by Karle Lithography Company. The poster depicts Columbia, the symbol America, with a sword, shield, and U.S. flag. The figure stands in front of an eagle and soldiers marching off to battle. The poster encourages Americans to help with the war effort by either joining the military or purchasing bonds to finance the war.

Each of the four Liberty Loan campaigns (two in 1917, two in 1918) and the Victory Loan campaign of early 1919 aimed for rapid subscription in the loan and bond programs, to generate quick funding of the war effort. Subscribing to the bonds became a symbol of patriotic duty in the United States and introduced the idea of financial securities to many citizens for the first time. 

Working Americans could buy bonds in denominations of $25 to $1,000, which at the end of the war would be repaid with interest. Those who could not afford such expensive bonds, could buy war stamps in smaller denominations, to then trade in for war bonds. Consequently, there was an outpouring of poster art on both the local and national levels for these loan programs, including this particular poster.


Very good condition. Vibrant colors with no significant signs of wear. Paper is healthy with good margins. Linen backed. Unframed dimensions: 40" H x 60" W.

Poster has been artfully framed to conservation standards in a custom black wooden frame, acid free backing and mats, and UV Plexiglas. Framed Dimensions: 38 1/2” H x 58 1/4” W x 3/4” D

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