The Ian Fleming Thriller Map by Aaron Silverman and Molly Maguire

Presented is an original “Ian Fleming Thriller Map,” which features the travels of MI6 Agent 007, James Bond, from author Ian Fleming’s series of fourteen spy novels. The pictorial map was illustrated by John Zeleneck, with graphics by Susan Lewis. It was published by Aaron Blake Publishers in 1987. 

The colorful and intriguing map provides an overview of locations for all of Bond’s adventures during the book series. As shown, his escapades as a spy took him across four continents and many countries. With the help of a large key at the bottom, styled as two lounging naked women, each numbered spot on the map is organized by book titles. Specific addresses are indicated, when possible, followed by details on the drinks and games Bond enjoyed, the lovers he took, the guns he used, cars he drove, and the evil villain plots he thwarted. 

At right is a prominent illustration of James Bond, who bears a striking resemblance to Sean Connery, one of the many actors who played Bond in the movie adaptations. Bond poses with a handgun and a martini glass. Next to him, a blond “Bond woman” adorned in diamond jewelry holds a bubbling bottle of champagne. The rest of the map is populated with smaller illustrations of a missile, a temple, casino signs, and his iconic Aston Martin. 

Ian Fleming’s suspenseful series of novels about James Bond began with Casino Royale in 1953 and ended, upon Fleming’s death, with Octopussy in 1964. Overall, Fleming wrote two short stories and twelve novels featuring the memorable spy. Fleming’s work for the British Naval Intelligence provided the background for his spy novels, and his suave and mysterious character was based on a number of men Fleming had met during his time in the 30 Assault Unit. 


Very good condition, overall. Very bright color, with no fading. Several fold lines are visible, as the map was originally issued folded. Archivally framed in a custom-built black frame with UV Conservation Clear glass. Framed Dimensions: 22 1/2" H x 29" W x 3/4" D.

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