1895 Map of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad System by S.K. Hooper with Travel Booklet

This map details the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad and was published in 1895. The map folds into a booklet titled "The Geography of Colorado and Rocky Mountain Regions with Map", which was compiled by A.D. Shepard, Superintendent of County Schools in Denver. The brochure was prepared for the annual meeting of the National Educational Association in Denver that year.

The map is one that was published in several iterations throughout the late 19th century, tracking the Denver & Rio Grande Railway’s development and track growth. This particular 1895 edition is updated to include further expansion of the rail lines, primarily in the profitable mining districts. This edition of the map is color-coded with text on verso describing these regions.

The map maker, Shadrick K. Hooper was a dedicated employee of the Denver & Rio Grande Railway, having joined the Company on June 1, 1884. While serving as the General Passenger & Ticket Agent, Hooper recognized that the railway had no trademark, unlike many of the other railroads throughout the country. 

Hooper devised to create a readily recognizable to brand the railway. He set out the requirements for the new D&RG emblem and then solicited artistic submissions. By the fall of 1884, Hooper selected a design that would soon advertise the D&RG throughout the country. Additionally, Hooper promoted the railway though the use of specialized advertising publications.   In 1885, the pamphlets “The Beautiful Denver and Rio Grande: Scenic Line of the World”, “The Story of Manitou”, and “Tourists’ Hand Book of Colorado, New Mexico and Utah” were just the beginning of a lengthy canon of words and pictures Hooper published to brand the D&RG Railway to appeal to the traveling public.

CONDITION: This map is in very good condition, with original color. The map’s paper is clean and bright, with minimal text show-through from verso. The map has been archivally framed with the original “The Geography of Colorado and Rocky Mountain Regions with Map" paper booklet mounted at left. Presented handsomely in a custom-built frame. Framed dimensions: 24 3/4" H x 29 1/2" W x 2" D

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