1879 "United States of America, Western Part" by O. J. Stuart

This colorful original map, titled “United States of America, Western Part,” was issued in Volume 16 of “The American Cyclopædia.” A detailed reference map, the map was printed in color and engraved by O. J. Stuart in New York. 

The map depicts the Western states and territories of the United States at the time of printing, 1879.  Shown on the map are Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Indian Territory, and Texas. The state borders are emphasized in red. The states are bordered by the Dominion of Canada to the north, Lower California and Mexico to the south, and Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas to the east. Many Native American tribes, forts, military reservations, and towns are depicted, as well as prominent rivers, mountains, lakes. 

This map is a lovely snapshot of the Western states and territories during a time of exponential population growth. The passage of the Homestead Act and completion of the first transcontinental railroad meant that, by 1870, the possibility of western migration was opened to more Americans than ever before. Nearly 400,000 settlers made the trek westward during the height of the 1870s. Between 1867 and 1879, Congress also authorized and funded four significant surveys, in effort to learn more about the area west of the Mississippi River. 


Good condition. Colored map, with state borders in red. Titled "United States of America, Western Part" at bottom left in the Pacific Ocean. "Engd. by O. J. Stuart, N.Y." is printed at the bottom right. From “The American Cyclopædia,” v. 16, 1879, p. 126-7. Map dimensions: 12" H x 10" W.

Map is artfully framed with acid-free mats, an attractive linen top mat, UV Conservation clear glass, and a custom-built wooden frame. Framed Dimensions: 16 1/4 H x 14” W x 1 1/8” D.

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