1874 Map of Nebraska, Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming

Presented is an original map of Nebraska, Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming from 1874. This authentic map was issued as part of J. Davis Williams’s People’s Pictorial Atlas.

The map uses longitudinal projection lines to accurately reflect the curvature of the Earth. The map has been hand-colored by counties, showing the massive size of counties of 1874. Towns, settlements, Indian tribes, watersheds, and important topography are all labeled. Williams published the People’s Pictorial Atlas out of New York in 1874. The 52 maps included in the atlas were compiled and edited by Charles H. Jones and Theodore F. Hamilton. All of the maps included were issued in full color.


Overall very good condition considering age. The map has some toning, but overall does not display significant wear. Coloring is good and clearly defines county borders.

This map has been artfully framed in a custom frame made from reclaimed window panes. The frame's glass has been painted to feature the map's title, date, and to highlight significant locations and Indian tribes.

Framed dimensions: 15 1/2" H x 22" W x 1 1/2" D

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