1861 Colton's United States Shewing the Military Stations Forts &c

This unusual, Civil War period map was published in Orville J. Victor's The History, Civil, Political and Military, of the Southern Rebellion. The map covers the United States east of the 105th meridian, including Dakota Territory, Nebraska, eastern Colorado, and most of Texas.

The map exhibits interesting details, indicating the Pony Express Route, railroad lines, U.S. Mail routes, important roads for supplies, and numerous forts. This 1861 edition misspells the state of Colorado as Colorada, which was corrected in the 1862 edition. At right and bottom, four tiny ships sailing in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico symbolize the Union blockade of the Confederacy. 


This map was printed on thin banknote-style paper. It was issued folding and has been flattened and backed with tissue to reinforce and repair a 3" binding tear at right and a fold separation that extends 1.3" into the image at top. There are two faint tape stains (tape is not present) and the left side margin has been extended to accommodate framing.

The map is archivally framed with a deep brown linen top mat, decorative spandrel, and a custom-built wooden and silver frame.

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