1854 Wall Map of Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut by Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning, Hand-Colored Engraving with Original Hardware

This striking wall map was published in 1854 by Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning and has both full original hand-coloring and original hardware. This impression is both informative and highly decorative.

The states are divided into counties, outlined in red, green, and black, and subdivided into towns. Roads, canals, and railroad lines are prominently depicted, although they are not all labeled. The mapmakers also marked lighthouses, banks, churches, and prominent buildings, with a key at right. The map is an informative and comprehensive overview of the infrastructural development of New England prior to the Civil War. Physical geographies depicted include elevation, conveyed with hachure marks, rivers and lakes. The impression features an inset map of Boston at upper right, and a Map of the Eastern States and New York at bottom.

Edward Hooker Ensign (August 18, 1818 - July 10, 1871) was an American map and print publisher based in New York during the middle part of the 19th century. Ensign was born in West Hartland, Connecticut. Little is known of Ensign's training; he inherited his business from his father, Timothy Ensign, who was a map publisher active in New York. Ensign seems to have had a flair for partnerships and throughout his career published with Humphrey Phelps, Horace Thayer, Thomas Fanning, and Erastus Bridgeman, among others. His various imprints include 'Phelps and Ensign' (1841-1844), 'T. and E. H. Ensign' (1844-1848), 'Ensign and Thayer' (1849), 'Ensign, Thayer, and Company' (1850-1851), 'Horace Thayer and Company' (1852), and 'Ensign, Bridgman and Fanning' (1854-1863). At least some of these companies maintained offices in both Buffalo and New York City.


Good overall condition. General toning, some light creasing and fading to colors, though a well maintained original copy. This map has been mounted onto archival linen. Additionally, the map is attached to its original hanging hardware and is presented using the very finest archival materials and techniques, in a custom-built frame. Framed dimensions: 38 1/4" H x 45 1/4" W x 2 1/2" D. 

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