1847 “World at One View” Hand-Colored Wall Map by Ensign & Thayer

This is a highly desirable hanging wall map of the "World at One View", published in 1847 by Ensign and Thayer, New York. 

This pictorial map was printed as a broadside and features a beautiful double-hemisphere projection of the world. Surrounding the two hemispheres are decorative illustrations and four text boxes, containing population tables of world cities, countries, continents and religions. The map's geography shows national boundaries differentiated by color. Major cities, rivers, bodies of water and mountain rangers are all labeled. 

Bountiful throughout the map are decorative and informative embellishments, including pictures of native peoples of the world in each of the four corners, vignette world views, female costumes of the world, and statistical charts of river lengths.

The map presents a subtle vision of the United States as the next great empire of the world. Boston’s Bunker Hill Monument and the Washington Monument are included in a scroll and table of the highest buildings in the world, alongside Old-World greats such as the Egyptian pyramids and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. 


Good condition. Light staining and general toning. Good coloring, still quite clearly visible. Offered on original wooden rollers. This map is housed in a custom frame prepared according to archival conservation standards.

Map dimensions: 22.5" x 30". Framed dimensions: 33 1/8" H x 41 1/8" W x 3 1/4" D.

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