1847 Phelps's National Map of the United States

Offered is a map of the United States published by Phelps, Ensign and Thayer. This 1847 edition features a decorative border of 30 alternating state seals and 16 important historical figures, set around the U.S. map.

This map was once a fold-out guide map, housed in "Phelps's Travellers Guide through the United States." It was engraved by J.M. Atwood and has original outline color by state. The inset city maps include a detailed depiction of New York and vicinity, as well as a nice inset of southern part of Florida. Larger inset maps of Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and smaller maps of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis complete the design.

The map covers the area from the Atlantic coastline, past the Mississippi River, with a large part of the eastern parts of Texas and Indian Territory shown. The inclusion of the areas around Chicago and St. Louis are among the earliest printed maps to provide a detailed treatment of these areas.


Map is in good condition. Hand-coloring is intact and vibrant. Original fold lines visible.

This map has been beautifully presented to archival standards in a custom beaded silver frame.

Framed dimensions: 31 1/2" H x 35 1/2" W x 1 3/4" D

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