1748 World Map "Essay D'Un Carte Requite...Du Globe Terrestre" by N. Bellin

Full title: "Essay D'Une Carte Reduite Contenant Les Partes Connuees Du Globe Terrestre, Dedie a M. Le Comte de Maurepas Commandeur des Ordres du Roy Ministre et Secretaire d'Etat. Par N. Bellin Ingenieur ordinre de la Marine. 1748.”

This is the first edition of Bellin's famous world map, published in 1748 in Paris, France. The map predates the Bay of the West, the discovery of the Sandwich Islands, and many other features which would later be added to the map's subsequent editions.

This 1748 edition is best known for its early, and still largely speculative, projection of Australia and New Zealand. Australia is still attached to New Guinea, with several notes of early exploration shown. New Zealand is barely known, with only a portion of its western coastline delineated.

The northwest coast of America includes the first notes of Russian exploration. The maps is decorated with a beautifully engraved cartouche, compass rose, and rhumb lines.

It is archivally presented with a silver spandrel, dark top mat, and a custom black and silver frame. A stunning and impressive first edition map.

Framed Size: 29.5" H x 37.5" W x 2.25" D

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