Flag Wavers 2-in-1 Celebration, 25-Star and 44-Star Flags Framed Together

Presented is a unique celebration of early American parade flag wavers. This item includes two antique American parade flag wavers framed together, a 25-star American flag waver dating to 1836 and a 44-star American flag waver dating to 1891. Parade flags were made to wave at special celebrations, parades, holiday events, and political rallies, and then discarded. Often printed on a stiffer silk or glazed cotton, they were not made for use over an extended period of time, making the few that have survived very rare. 

This 25-star American flag is one of the earliest known printed flag examples, as it was much more common to hand-sew flags before 1837. The 25-star flag waver is printed on silk, with a canton configuration of five rows of five white stars. Due to its size, it can be presumed that this very small flag waver was made for a young child. 

As new states were added to the Union, it was common for the  American flag to be updated with a new star count as necessary, every July 4th. The 25-star flag became the official United States flag on July 4th, 1836, with the admission of Arkansas to the Union on June 15th, 1836. The 25-star flag was official for just one year, thanks to the admission of Michigan to the Union in January of 1837. The two Presidents to serve under this flag were Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) and Martin Van Buren (1837-1841). 

The very rare 25-star flag waver is paired with a larger 44-star flag waver, dating to 1891. The flag is printed on glazed cotton, with a canton configuration of six rows of 8/7/7/7/7/8 stars. By the last quarter of the 19th century, flag designs were constantly changing, as a result of the number of states rapidly rising from 38 states in November 1889 to 44 states by July 1890. This flag waver was created in 1891 to celebrate the addition of Wyoming to the Union, during the time of the Indian Wars. Bills for Wyoming statehood were introduced in both the U.S. Senate and House in December 1889. The House passed the bill March 27, 1890. President Benjamin Harrison signed Wyoming's statehood bill, making Wyoming the 44th state. The 44-star flag was the official flag of the United States from 1891-1896. 


25-Star Flag. Very good condition. Printed on silk, mounted to its original wooden dowel. Canton's color is still very vibrant. Light fraying on fly end, staining to hoist end where flag meets the wooden dowel. 

44-Star Flag. Good condition. Printed on glazed cotton, mounted to its original wooden dowel. Printed colors are still vibrant. Small stains in bottom stripes. Three small pin holes in the top red stripe, from past display. Overprinting of stripes into canton.  

Both flags are archivally mounted with their original wooden dowels and framed together in a custom-built wooden frame, with dark acid free linen mat and UV glass. Framed Dimensions: 11”H x 10 1/4 ”W x 1 3/8 ”D. 

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