Farewell and Return Patriotic Sailors Bandana, Circa 1917-1918

This is a sentimental and patriotic bandana from WWI. Referred to as “sweetheart silks”, these printed handkerchiefs and bandanas were given from soldiers to their partners, and vice versa, before leaving for war. More sentimental than functional, the handkerchiefs were printed with historical war scenes, love ballads or poems popular to the time, and depictions of couples kissing or embracing.

This bandana features the flags of the world encircling a farewell romantic poem that reads:

"Farewell my darling, I must leave you, Far away from you to roam, Far from those we leave at home, And when you lay upon your pillow, From all worldly thoughts so free. Don't forget there's one that loves you, Keep one little thought for me. What makes the world so wondrous fair, The earth so green, the shy so blue? There is a song of home in the sounding foam, And the lights seem fair on shore. For the voyage is past, we are home at last; And two hearts will part no more."

The handkerchief's border includes other nations’ flags- forty-eight in total. The flags are printed in full color, and they have some now obsolete flags and dated country names, including Siam, Corea, Persia, and San Domingo. The whole design is enclosed in a thin line border.

Beautifully presented using the finest archival materials and procedures.

Framed Size: 22.5" 22.5" 1.5"D.

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