37-Star American Flag with Whimsical Star Pattern Printed on Silk - Commemorating Nebraska Statehood, Circa 1867

This is an original 37-star flag printed on silk. The flag was printed in 1867 in commemoration of when Nebraska was admitted into the Union. The stars are configured in a 7-8-7-8-7 pattern on the dark blue canton. There is a white 1-1/2″ linen sleeve hoist.


This 37-star American flag celebrates Nebraska statehood. Nebraska was the 37th state to be admitted into the Union in July of 1867. On March 1, 1867, President Andrew Jackson signed the proclamation admitting Nebraska as a state, although he did so with hesitancy. Nebraska was first was organized as a territory in 1854 under a question of “popular sovereignty.” The right of the residents to decide whether they would allow slavery was still a topic of discussion. When Nebraska was admitted as a state, the point at issue was whether Congress had the right to force Nebraska to give African Americans the right vote. Nevertheless, amidst turbulent political times, Nebraska was officially admitted into the Union in 1867, and the 37-star flag was issued the following July 4th.

This 37-star flag was printed around the time of the official flag order in July of 1867. While it features a more traditional row pattern, the stars on the canton are in quite a "whimsical" configuration, as each star is tilted at a different angle, which gives quite a unique appearance to the flag.



Overall very good to fine condition with good colors. There is very light staining on the silk near the fly end and around the canton. The flag has been archivally mounted with mesh netting to hold it in place in the frame. It has been framed according to conservation standards in a custom black frame.
Framed dimensions: 17.25" H x 29.75" W x 2" D.

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