34-Star Civil War Flag, Celebrating Kansas Statehood, 1861

Offered is a large 34-star flag, produced during the Civil War. This flag features white double-appliqued hand and machine-sewn stars on a blue canton, along with 13 machine-sewn alternating red and white stripes. The stars are arranged in rows of 7/7/6/7/7 stars. The flag features machine-sewn wool bunting, a linen header, and hand-stitched grommets.

This 34-star flag celebrates Kansas statehood and dates to circa 1861. Kansas was admitted to the Union as the 34th state on January 29th, 1861, which was about a month after states began to secede from the Union and about two-and-a-half months before the American Civil War officially began. The 34 star flag was made official on July 4th of that year and remained the official flag until July 4th, 1863, when the 35-star flag was made official for the admission of West Virginia to the Union.

Even with the secession of states during the American Civil War, the American flag was not officially changed to show a loss of stars. Abraham Lincoln encouraged Americans not to produce flags with fewer stars after states seceded, as he saw great value in remaining an unified body under one flag. The 34-star flag was often referred to as “Lincoln’s flag,” for Lincoln’s stubborn refusal to allow the elimination of any stars during the Civil War.

The header of the flag inscribed in ink "Viti," denoting the previous owner. The flag comes from the former collection of Marcel Alphonse Viti (1870-1952) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Good condition, especially considering age. Loss at top of fly, as well as stabilized losses in white stripes along hoist. Patched repairs across the field and some light toning and staining. Flag colors are very vibrant. Sold unframed, as-is.

Unframed dimensions: 102"H x 156"W.

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