Forged Steel Dinner Bell

Save your voice and ring this Western Cowboy triangle dinner bell; it means "Ya’ll come it’s time for a meal!" Dinner bells like these were once used daily by pioneers, ranchers and trail cooks to call the kids in for lunch, bring the hands in for supper, and to let the cattle drovers know it was time for the evening grub.  These dinner bells are hand-forged from start to finish. First, the pieces of heavy steel are cut to length. Next, all sharp edges are sanded off for a smooth finish. Finally, these pieces are bent into shape using a bench-top metal bender.

If you wish, you may paint this steel bell with a good quality spray paint. Otherwise, the steel will age naturally over time to a beautiful, rustic patina.

Dimensions - 13 inches on each side with hanging strap.

Handcrafted in Iowa, USA

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