KISMET Women's Jewelry

At KISMET, each collection is a new thrill to discover the full potential of creativity. The brand speaks the same language as all women who possess this sense of discovery in their hearts. KISMET inspires every woman to reflect her own light, create the future of her dreams and keep moving forward.

KISMET Star Collection:

If this world is full of people who have been wishing upon stars for thousands of years, it’s clear that all these people know something. The KISMET STAR COLLECTION was put together as inspired by the stars for those who choose to believe in luck. Stars enjoy standing out with their sharp geometric lines, and it’s as if they want to make us believe that there’s inevitability to luck.

KISMET Lumiere Collection:

It’s good for our soul to believe that light and dark, day and night, good and bad can coexist and that life finds meaning with these polarities. The LUMIERE COLLECTION is a reflection of this belief. Each piece finds its true meaning through contradictions. Designs with spiral, round and teardrop forms merge with gold and diamond. Different materials and gems with opposite colors speak volumes with their simplicity.

*KISMET is available for purchase online or in-person at the The Great Republic Pop-Up at the Ritz Pentagon City only.

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