Abraham Lincoln: The War Years by Carl Sandburg

Sandburg, Carl, Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. Connecticut: The Easton Press, 1995. Limited edition, 4 volume set.

Presented is the four volume set of Carl Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. The books were published as a limited edition out of Norwalk, Connecticut by The Easton Press in 1995. They are bound in deluxe leather with gilt tooling and feature 426 half-tone photographs and 244 cuts of cartoons, letters, and documents.

The books feature details from the Civil War and accounts relating to Abraham Lincoln’s role in the war’s outcome. The books also feature intimate details about Lincoln’s childhood, early adult years, and his inauguration as President. The first edition of the set consisted of six volumes. The first two books were published in 1926, while the remaining four were published in 1939. The complete set won a Pulitzer Prize in 1940. This complete four-volume set was published as an exclusive deluxe edition in custom binding in 1995.

Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) was a prominent American poet, writer, and editor during the early 20th century. Sandburg won three Pulitzer Prizes, two for his poetry and one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln. Sandburg was recognized as a prominent figure of contemporary literature, and it was President Lyndon B. Johnson who observed that "Carl Sandburg was more than the voice of America, more than the poet of its strength and genius. He was America.”


The books are in very good condition, with only slight wear. All four books are bound in period deluxe maroon leather with intricate gilt tooling and photographs throughout.

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