1875 Golf: A Royal and Ancient Game by Robert Clark, First Edition

Robert Clark was a book publisher and well known golfer of his day. He collected what was known about golf history in 1875, when golf was gaining popularity and created this opus to the great game. Clark was meticulous in his research and, in 43 chapters, he compiled and reprinted many original poems, essays, histories from the sport's early years.  

Included are the extracts of the minutes of the first hundred years of the five oldest Scottish golf clubs. The book also contains the 1743 comical poem "The Goff" featuring famous golfers of Leith. There is a broad historical account of golf's rules and traditions and a large collection of golf-related articles from contemporary magazines of the late 19th Century.

This first edition includes numerous plates and illustrations to include a map. Bound in full morocco, gilt with decorative borders. Published by Orrock & Son, 8vo, Edinburgh, 1875.

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