Chronos Authentic Swiss Watchworks American Made Fountain & Rollerball Pens

The Chronos Collection is a merging of two passions: beautiful watches and fine Eagle Pens joined together to create intricate and elegant instruments. Each involves over 100 individual components and takes 8-12+ hours of precision handwork to complete.

Chronos V Red Letter Edition, simply put, are a cut above. They feature only the finest dials from he most renowned and historic brands the horological world has to offer. Dials are sourced direct from Switzerland and takes 3-4 watches worth of gears to make one pen. Red letter edition contains a fountain pen, which can be converted into a rollerball, special red ink for the fountain pen, and a small vial of watch parts used to create each pen.

The father and son team behind Eagle Pen Company are purveyors of the world's most unique writing instruments. They share a goal of bringing the luxury pen back to America. From start to finish, each pen is designed and hand made in the USA.

Length - 5 1/4" capped, 6 1/2" posted.  Weight - 1.8 oz.

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